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The UK's Only CAA Approved Paratrike



Barbara W - Melton Mowbray

Just to let you know how thrilled I am with the DVD, very professional!!  The experience was one off my Must do list.  Flying over my local area was great and for my daughter and grandson a real thrill.  It takes a lot these days to impress a 14 year old but the look on Brandons face when he came down was a delight - havent seen that for a long time.  I know Lyndas biggest thrill was when you were

in a thermal, she always seems to get so much out of her experiences.   Once again many thanks for a wonderful afternoon.


Liz S - Melton Mowbray

Just to say thank you for Saturday, it was a great start to Laura's Birthday.

She thought the experience was amazing and yes she would like her own aerochute!


Sharon – Melton Mowbray

i was a bit nervous before take off, but you soon forget all that as you take off, I was surprised how quickly you gain height its a real thrill as you suddlenly realise wow I'm flying.   I was facinated looking around at the country side , something I have never experienced in an aeroplane before, It's a great opportunity to take photos.  When we landed i couldnt stop smiling, it was such a fantastic experiance.   I shall cherish my flight for the rest of my life and have some wonderful photo's to show my family.

Thank you Wayne.


Nick - Manchester

Its nothing as spectacular view is   its a wonderful experiance to ‘It was so much fun I want to do it again as soon as I can. I even got to drive’


Gerry – Leicestershire

‘I have flown gliders in the ATC but never been in an Aircraft like this before. It was so gentle and I got to take the toggles’. I want one.


Par – Sweden

‘My son (age 15) and I came to England and decided to have a go on the Aerochute with wayne. It was a cold day but it took nothing away from the fun we had. My son was first and he loved it. Then it was my turn. The ground crew prepared the machine the engine started and we began to move, and the it went smooth as we left the ground. The views were fantastic. My son always talks about our parachute ride. When we next come back to the UK I want to do it again in the summer.


John – Melton

It was great. My son and I were thrilled. The views were great.


Nick – Coventry

Years ago I was a Microlight instructor and it was great to get in the Air again. The flight was so much fun and done so professionally.