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The UK's Only CAA Approved Paratrike


NPPL(M) - Paratrike  License - Training Advice

So you want a (Powered Parachute) (Paramotor trike, Paratrike) NPPL(M) Pilots license and get fully legal and insured. This is an easy fun process. Below is an outline of the steps to go through and some advice.


1. Get a trial flight. This way you will know if it is for you or not.


2. Find a CAA qualified Powered Parachute instructor by through the BMAA or contact. Check instructor credentials through the BMAA.


3. Join the BMAA through your instructor, this will save you about £50. You will need the BMAA for your applicaton, and they provide a great service.


4. You and your GP need to sign a simple Medical Self Declaration. This is not a medical, only a simple form. You need to tick the box which says ‘ Group 2 - Professional Driving ’. The form simply says that in your records nothing indicates that you would not pass a professional driving medical. I know of many elderly Powered Parachute pilots and one over 80 years old. So age is not a problem.


5. Go Shopping for the following.



Powered Parachute Training Syllabus from your Instructor

Powered Parachute Briefing notes

Book - Microlight Pilots Hand Book 8th edition by Brain Cosgrove. Aviation Chart 250,000:1 for your area

Aviation Chart 500,000:1 for your area

Pooleys scale Ruler NM-2

Pooleys Square Protractor

Pooleys Microlight Pilots Log book


Optional Extras:

Trial Exam papers from Book - Microlight Air Law by Geoff Weighell


6. Get some ground school from your instructor and/or start revising.


7. Whilst getting flight training take multiple choice ground exams in

- Air Law

- Meteorology

- Powered Parachute Aircraft Technical (we can do this during training)

- Human Performance and Limitations

- Navigation


8. Pass a simple General Skills Test.

You are a qualified pilot!Insert body text here...