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The UK's Only CAA Approved Paratrike


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Aerochutes safe ?

Yes. It is the safest Microlight you can fly in the UK.


What happens if the engine stops ?

You fly down as a parachute would and flare the canopy before landing.


What happens if my parachute rips ?

You can still land safely.


Has anyone died flying an aerochute ?

No. No serious injuriy or fatalties in 26 years of service around the globe.


When should I fly ?

Anytime the wind is less then 15 mph. Best times are in the morning or evening.





How fast do they fly ?

Up to 40 mph.


How high do they fly ?

The legal limit is 10,000 ft above mean sea level.


Is it fun ?

Oh Yes!. Experienced pilots seem to love flying the Aerochute.


Where can I get Trained?

Training takes place in the UK at Melton Mowbray Leicestershire and Boston Lincolnshire Aerodrome


What is the lowest altitude I can fly at ?

Legally 500 ft, or lower with permission from the property owner.Beware military aircraft at this level in the UK.  


How many people can the aerochute fly ?

2 persons with combined weight of 235kg (37 stone).


What kind of licence do I need for an Aerochute ?

You need a NPPL(M) Powered Parachute rated licence.


Can I fly with a passanger ?

Yes. Once you have 15 hours flying experinece with your licence, and log book signed by an instructor.


Can I fly if it is windy ?

Yes. Up to 15 mph.


What should I wear ?

Wear warm clothes or a flying suiit. No loose clothing should be worn including scarves.






How much does an Aerochutes cost ?

Please contact us for the latest prices


How much does a trial flights cost ?

£149 for a trial flight and this counts towards your NPPL(M) pilots licence should you continue training.   


How much does it cost to get a pilots licence ?

From £1000 for a conversion to £2,000 approx for an Ab initio student restricted NPPL(M) Paratrike licence. Cost depends upon application and ability.




What Next ?

We recommend you come and have a fly in the Aerochute by booking a trial flight. If you enjoy it, we would be delighted to recommend your next steps. Including joing the BMAA and a club so that you can get good support and advice.