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Hummerchute Update

By wkimberlin1, May 17 2015 10:36PM

Hummerchute Update

For those of you that don’t know, the Hummerchute is the new Aerochute which has a massive 221kg cockpit loading. Thats 34 stone in old money.

More infohere on Aerochute Aus website

Anyway to give you an update of progress.

- The BMAA approved the engineers calculations on the engine installation

- The Propellor has now been successfully tested up to 200HP and has passed and been approved by the BMAA.

- CASA are doing the drop test as I write this email

- Ran in the engine today, and all went very well.

So we are now ready for UK flight testing followed by getting a noise certificate.

Then our 2 seat tandem paratrike will be approved for UK service

So things are progressing very we

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