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The UK's Only CAA Approved Paratrike


About Us

A few years ago I discovered the Paratrike and I was fancinated by how simple and fun it looked. Since then I have been blessed by support and help to pursue this hobby. I have continued to learn more and I travelled to Australia, Scotland and the French Alps to undergo instructor training and learn more about these odd little aircraft. I am keen to learn more and share this discovery with like minded flying folk.


Paratrikes in the UK have been dormant for many years due to a lack of instructors and new aircraft. In 2008 things began to change. Thanks to the efforts of Keith Gratrix and the BMAA ,the Aerochute Dual finally became fully certified for use in the UK. (Many thanks Keith). This was a tremendous achievement.


Later in 2010  with the support of my wife Sharon, Aerochute Aus, BPPA, BMAA and a much depleted bank account, I was fortunate enough to become a Powered Parachute Instructor registered with the CAA.    


The introduction of single seat de-regulated aircraft and the ability for BHPA  club pilots to carry cross credits for gaining a pilots license provided yet another boost to UK Paratriking.


A number of different machines are now available in the UK., but the Aerochute still remains the only fully certified 2 seat Paratrike you can buy. This  is one of many reasons why I use this reliable little work horse as my teaching platform. Come and have a go, you might even be supprised and like it.



Wayne Kimberlin (CFI) - Powered Parachute

Melton Mowbray





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